Minor inconsistency in the report wrt to qualified names

Wolfgang Lux wlux@uni-muenster.de
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:36:42 +0200

In section 5.5.1 the report states that a top-level declaration brings =

into scope qualified and unqualified names. Thus, the following =

declaration is legal:

  module Foo where
    ones =3D 1 : Foo.ones

However, in section 2.4 the report says "External names may optionally be=

qualified in certain circumstances by prepending them with a module =

identifier." And also in section 3.2 the report says "Qualified names may=

only be used to reference and imported variable or constructor", from =

which the above program would not be legal (because Foo.ones is not an =

imported constructor or variable).

In order to make the report consistent, I would suggest to change the =

section 3.2 to say:
"Qualified names may be used to reference variables or constructors =

which are imported from other modules or defined at the top level."

In section 2.4, the word "External" should be dropped from the =



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