Dead code detection

Simon Peyton-Jones
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 01:04:38 -0700

GHC will report unused bindings (-fwarn-unused-binds)
but only within a module.  If it's exported, GHC doesn't help you.

I'm sure GHC itself has plenty of dead code that only a global analysis
can spot!

GHC's interface file for a module reports all the imported things that
the module
depends on. So the raw material for a global analyser is in place.


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| Subject: Dead code detection
| I am working with a fairly rapidly changing code base,
| with another person besides me making changes. Can any of
| the Haskell compilers warn about unused function definitions,=20
| or does a similar standalone tool exist? I am fairly sure the=20
| code base includes redundant definitions that just clutter up=20
| the source, and I would like to be able to detect them easily.
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