Haskell-JNI Bridge

C.Ryder C.Ryder@ukc.ac.uk
Thu, 05 Jul 2001 10:37:39 +0100

> Is Lambada (the Haskell-JNI bridge) gone? The web-page has disappeared. 
> Using Java seems by far the most obvious way of getting all that 
> GUI/network/SQL/whatever functionality, especially as the Java platform 
> is almost ubiquitous (unlike .NET, Tk, X, GTK+, Win32 GDI, etc.).

I don't think it's in active development anymore, I think Erik Meijer
has moved on to bigger and better things. I'm sure someone will correct
me if I'm wrong...

Erik mailed me a copy of Lambada last summer, but I found it rather
limited for what I wanted it for (talking to an LDAP directory). I
tried writing my own Lambada replacement using JNI/C/HDirect. This
proved to be a nightmare - different bugs on different platforms, etc.
I got it working for what I wanted on Linux, but it seg faulted on Sparc
Solaris. I also had to add different hacks in for different platforms
because of bugs in classpath handling. I eventually resorted to using
just C and forgetting Java.

> In this apparent absence I'm writing my own Haskell-JNI bridge.

Good Luck !