infelicity in module imports

Simon Marlow
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 17:35:25 +0100

Malcolm Wallace writes:

> I submit that the way `hiding' clauses are ignored is a vestige from
> the days when it was not possible to have overlapped module renamings.
> Now that overlapped renamings are possible, the `hiding' clauses
> should be permitted to take effect.

I think you're right.  It's inconsistent that you can specify which
qualified identifiers are imported using 'import A ( foo, bar )' but not
using the hiding form.

The following two sentences could just be deleted from point 2, section
5.3: "The hiding clause only applies to unqualified names. In the
previous example, the name M.C is brought into scope. A hiding clause
has no effect in an import qualified declaration." =20