Combinator library gets software prize

Conal Elliott
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:22:41 -0800

> From: C.Reinke [] 

> Am I the only one who finds the exclusive emphasis on combinator
> languages slightly disappointing [...]?
> [...]

> The paper somewhat downplays the role of embedding the
> combinator-based DSL in a full functional language while also
> mentioning that some features gained for free in the Haskell
> prototype considerably complicate implementations in other
> languages. I would be interested to hear more about these aspects:
> [...]

Another important consideration is whether the combinator library is
higher-order.  If so, it will be awkward to use from a language
without a lightweight notation for (first-class) functions.  This lack
was a huge drawback in DirectAnimation, the now-defunct product cousin
of Fran, which eviscerated the crucially higher-order event algebra.
Similarly, when a combinator lib uses parametric polymorphism, it is
painful to use from a language without.  (Same example.)  It seems
that these features just weren't important in the case of "Composing

	- Conal