An Haskell compilation server

Sebastien Carlier
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:53:26 +0100

How about turning ghc into a compilation server ?
It would run as a daemon waiting for network
connections, retrieve source files (through the
same network socket, or nfs, or cvs, ...), compile
them locally, and send back the result.
This would prevent having to reload the compiler
for each file - as the executable is quite large, this
may already speed up compilation a bit.
It could also cache .hi files, which would remove
the need to parse them.
It would also enable distributed compilation, on a
properly configured site. That would be easy to do
with hmake.
There are many details to think about (should the
parsing be made locally by the driver, or remotely...).
How does it sound ?

Sebastien Carlier
EPITA, Posse42