ANNOUNCE: GHood (updated pre-release)

Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:59:03 +0000

Ever wanted to see what your Haskell program is doing?-)


GHood (pre-release, 11 January 2001) 

"Graphical Hood" -- a Java-based graphical observation event viewer, as
a back-end for Andy Gill's Hood (Haskell Object Observation Debugger).

Currently, GHood comes in two files: a drop-in replacement for the
Hugs98 variant of Hood (only minimal changes, same interface) and a
Java class file archive for the graphical viewer itself.

To find the two files, please visit my Haskell corner at:


The GHood pre-release has been updated. The main change (apart from
single-stepping through the observation event stream, which you might
have been missing in the previous version):

  GHood can now be used as an applet (requires Java 2/Swing-capable
  browser or a suitable Java plug-in).

This means that GHood animations can now be used to enrich webpages. 
If you ever wanted to discuss the behaviour of Haskell programs on your
webpages, you can now add applets to those pages that visualise and
animate the issues you describe. If you never dared to write about
program behaviour for lack of illustrations, you might now consider
adding such discussions to your webpages. Potential uses:

  - educators: as part of your functional programming course webpages, 

  - programmers: as part of the description of a clever functional algorithm, 
                 or to document problems in a misbehaving functional program

  - GHood implementors (me;-): show examples of GHood animations online.

I would be interested to learn about example problems from practice for
which GHood has been found helpful. Please let me know, too, if you
create websites that use GHood as an applet.



Claus Reinke,
Computing Lab, University of Kent at Canterbury