ANNOUNCE: Draft TOC of Haskell in a Nutshell

Brook Conner
Mon, 08 Jan 2001 19:13:21 -0500

Inspired by the recent discussions of what kinds of books would 
encourage the spread of Haskell, I whipped up a draft table of contents 
for "Haskell in a Nutshell."

You can find it in PDF form at (it should have the fonts 
embedded - OReilly uses a couple of oddballs) and in ASCII text at

While there are page numbers attached, you should simply ignore those 
for the moment :-) Rather, I'd be interested in feedback on the 
structure etc. Oh, and please don't just rip it off and write it 
yourself :-)

Like "Java in a Nutshell", the first part is a firehose description of 
the language. As Haskell is somewhat different from what most OReilly 
readers are used to, I've included a bit more about different ways you 
can run Haskell (which, incidentally, points out that it runs *everywhere*).

Also like "Java in a Nutshell", the last part is a reference to common 

The middle part is a bit different - a short "cookbook" of 
semi-practical programs addressing fairly common programming tasks - 
some of the kinds of things you'd typically do with Perl or C++. I think 
it needs more "recipes" of course, but I'd like to know if the general 
idea is working.


ps - for the curious, I have in fact written a textbook before 
(object-oriented programming for a first-semester course, from 1994...). 
And I'm using O'Reilly's FrameMaker templates, so the draft is 
"camera-ready" (hence the page numbers - the TOC is automatically