Learning Haskell and FP

Paul Hudak paul.hudak@yale.edu
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 09:51:10 -0500

Thanks to everyone for their comments regarding "GITH".  I conclude

-- it is useful to people who have previously programmed in Scheme
   or some other functional language
-- it is a difficult read for those not familiar with FP concepts,
   and certainly not appropriate for novice programmers
-- given the dearth of free documentation on Haskell, it serves a
   useful purpose
-- the title is misleading

Also thanks to George Russell for reminding me that the intro states
clearly that:

> Our goal is to provide a gentle introduction to Haskell for someone 
> who has experience with at least one other language, preferably a 
> functional language (even if only an "almost-functional" language 
> such as ML or Scheme).

So I suppose the main thing that John and I should think about is
changing the title.  Something like "An Introduction to Haskell for
People Who Have Previously Programmed in Scheme or Some Other Functional
Language" might be good! :-)  Of course changing the title might confuse
people to whom the document was recommended.  It may be that a
clarifying remark on haskell.org is warranted.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments.

Best to All for the New Year,