Writing a beginners guide to Haskell

i r thomas israelt@optushome.com.au
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 23:36:25 +1000

>Here's a suggestion: would someone like to write such a guide,
>from the point of view of a beginner, leaving blanks that we can fill in,
>when you come across a task or issue you don't know the answer
>to?  That is, you provide the skeleton, and we fill in the blanks.

Well, I am definitely a beginner  and am prepared to take this on 
I have had some exposure to Ada, C , C++, Prolog etc but definitely no=
 previous FP experience before.

For some time now, I had been planning  to write an introduction to Haskell=
 for my son 
He is a bright 14 year old who is familiar with Delphi and VB but has like=
has not done any functional programming before . If it is simple enough
for him, it should work as a true "Beginners guide to Haskell".

I propose that I write it section by section, and either post to the=
 mailing list for corrections and feedback.
If there are objections , I will send it to those willing to correct it (=
 hopefully these will include Paul Hudak and Simon Peyton Jones ) . If my=
 ability to continue this falters or if I encounter a section that is too=
 hard for me, ( at the moment, monads seem a likely candidate ! ) I'll pass=
 the enterprise along to anyone else who is willing to take it on !