List.partition a bit too eager

George Russell
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 16:59:18 +0100

Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:
> It's a bug in the defn of 'partition' in the Haskell 98 report.
> I have (still) failed to publish this as an errata, let alone revise
> the report itself, so the buggy defn stands at present, I'm afraid.
> I really plan to get to the revision in early '01.
One thing I would like to see changed is that every function should also
appear with a short description in English, as for the SML basis library.
This would be a huge improvement for those of us whose mother-tongue is
English and not Haskell, and would also mean that in cases such as these
the implementors would have more liberty to choose the best interpretation
consistent with the spirit of the standard.

(Irrelevant comment: I believe something similar happens with European
Union treaties, which are in a variety of versions in different languages
from Irish Gaelic to Swedish, all of which are deemed to have equal weight.  
Translation errors are not unknown, and have to be sorted out by the 
European Court of Justice.)