Postdoctoral Position

Elke Tetzner
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:11:33 +0100 (MET)

Please pass on to interested Post doctorants. Apologies for multiple copies.

New Postdoctoral Position (DEADLINE 1 April 2001)

		   Department of Computer Science,
                       University of Rostock

Vacancy for an assistant professor 


     education and research in programming languages and compiler construction 
     research in implementation techniques in different areas of 
     computer science 
     cooperation in academic self-administration 


     PhD in computer science 
     interests in programming languages and compiler constructions 
     priorities: declarative programming, attribute grammars and applications, 
     semantics of programming languages and compiler construction 
     further interests: aspect-oriented programming, specification technics,
                        real-time programming and other 
                        educational skills 
                        a good knowledge of german language 

engagement: 1st April 2001 (permanent) 

salary: BAT-O Ib (special in Germany), full time 

further information: 
      Prof. Dr. G. Riedewald
      Dr. W. Mahrhold phone: (+49 381)498-3397

Qualified women are emphatically invited for application. Severely handicapped 
person with same qualification is prefered.