ACM SAC'02 -- Call for Track Proposals

George Angelos Papadopoulos
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 19:05:49 +0200 (WET)

		   Madrid, Spain, 10-13 March 2002

		   *** Call for Track Proposals ***

For the past sixteen years the Symposium on Applied Computing has been
a primary  forum  for applied computer scientists,  computer engineers
and application developers to gather, interact and present their work.
SAC  is   sponsored by the   ACM Special   Interest  Group  on Applied
Computing (SIGAPP);  its proceedings are  published   by ACM  in  both
printed form  and CD-ROM; they are also  available on  the web through
ACM's  Digital  Library.  More  information on SAC   can  be  found at .

SAC  is based  on a  flexible  structure of  mostly self-contained and
self-managed  tracks.  Over the  past years it  has hosted tracks on a
variety of topics    such  as Artificial   Intelligence,   Distributed
Systems, Internet Technologies, Software Engineering, etc. For SAC'02,
to be held  in  Spain in March   of 2002, the SAC organizers   solicit
proposals for hosting tracks. Perspective track chairs should submit a
less than one page  description for organizing  a track, which  should
include at least the following items:

1) The proposed title for the track with a description of
   its aims, topics it will cover and rationale for having
   such a track in SAC. This rationale should refer to any
   related conference events that are held regularly and
   why the proposed track differs from them or complements them.
   The proposed track should not be over general but also
   not overly specialized, thus being able to attract a wide
   audience of people sharing similar interests. Proposals from
   industry are also welcomed. Despite its name, SAC also welcomes
   papers of mostly theoretical nature, provided there is clear
   practical potential in applying the results of such work.

2) A short description of the activities the track chair will
   undertake upon acceptance of the proposal, to disseminate the
   call-for-papers for his/her track, manage the review process and
   collect final materials from authors of accepted papers. (Specific
   guidelines to track chairs regarding these issues will also be

3) A short CV of the perspective track chair(s) with reference to
   research interests and publication record directly related to
   the themes of the proposed track, and any previous experience
   of involvement in the organization of similar events (in the
   interest of brevity, reference to a personal web page where such
   information can be found will be welcomed).

All  proposals will be reviewed  by the  Conference and Program Chairs
with respect to the above criteria.  The Chairs  reserve the right to:
(1) accept a   proposal  as is,   (2)  recommend merging  of   similar
proposals with a considerable overlap in the topics addressed (in this
case the track chairs of the different proposals will be asked to form
a single chair), (3) reject a proposal.

Upon acceptance of  a proposal, the track  chairs will be  notified of
their  responsibilities in managing  the  affairs of their tracks,  as
these are defined  by SAC itself but also  ACM. The Chairs reserve the
right to cancel at any time a track, if these responsibilities are not
addressed adequately by its track chair(s).

Please submit   your  proposal electronically and  in   any acceptable
readable form to:

George A. Papadopoulos
Department of Computer Science
University of Cyprus


20 March    2001: Submission of track proposals
15 April    2001: Notification of acceptance/rejection
15 May      2001: Call-For-Papers for accepted tracks
1  Sept     2001: Submission of papers and tutorial proposals
15 Oct      2001: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
1  Nov	    2001: Camera-Ready copies of accepted papers
10-13 March 2002: SAC'02 takes place