ANNOUNCE: O'Hugs 0.5

Johan Nordlander
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:58:09 -0800

Dear all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of 

     O'Hugs 0.5 -- the O'Haskell interpreter.

O'Haskell is an object-oriented extension to Haskell, offering 
monadic reactive objects and polymorphic subtyping in addition to 
the Haskell core.  O'Hugs is an implementation for this language.

New features in O'Hugs 0.5 include:

 - A more refined interface to Tk, including support for the 
   optional Tk extension Tix.

 - Support for network programming via TCP and UDP.

 - Much improved library documentation.

 - Local universal quantification in records.

 - Local existential quantification in datatypes.

 - Templates with automatic instantiation of local sub-objects.

 - Overloading using smallest supertypes for contravariant type 

 - Recursive generator syntax.

 - Macintosh and Windows binaries.

 - Several bug-fixes.

For more information and dowload options, please visit

Bug reports and comments should be sent to

Johan Nordlander

Please don't confuse this release with today's concurrent release 
of a new beta version of Hugs98!