Importing in ghci

Konst Sushenko
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 20:16:11 -0800


I just started using GHCI and I am having trouble importing modules
except for these in the "imports/std" directory. I am using windows, and
my GHC installation directory is "d:/ghc/ghc-5.02.1". I tried starting
ghci with the -i option:

ghci -I"d:/ghc/ghc-5.02.1"

to no avail... Tried it with quotes, without quotes, tried relative
path, no help.

'ghc-pkg -l' reports that the module that I import is indeed in an
installed package, and as far as I understand as long as the module is
in an installed package, GHC should be happy.

What am I missing?