Haskell 98 Christmas release

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 03:09:42 -0800

In my Sisyphian task of finishing the Haskell 98 Report, I thought
I would put out the current version before Xmas. =20

It's substantially the same as the one I put out at the start=20
of December, with three exceptions

1.  The layout algorithm has changed (again).   Simon M, Ian L and
I are now all fairly confident that it is right, but we have been proved
wrong before.

2.  The "instance declaration wart" turned out to be closely connnected
to some (unspecified) scoping issues in export lists.  So I have=20
nailed all that down.  GHC and Hugs both now implement the new

3.  The avalance of email about the True Meaning of gcd 0 0 cannot=20
have escaped your notice.  I am too stupid to understand most of it,
but my ill-informed conclusion is:
	a) there is a lot of support for gcd 0 0 =3D 0
	b) but it is not universal support
The strong default for H98 is "no change", so I've left gcd 0 0 as an
However I have added some examples.

Changes since the early-dec release are marked
	[Late Dec 2001] in the Bugs List, so you can find them easily.

I don't think I know of any other loose ends.  Happy reading.