Instance declarations and class exports

Simon Peyton-Jones
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 03:02:37 -0800

| > 1.  "subordinate" names in export lists are always=20
| unqualified Thus,=20
| > we can have M.Ix( index ), but not M.Ix( T.index ).
| I don't see a compelling reason to outlaw the latter.  We can=20
| permit the subordinate name to be unqualified, but why should=20
| we enforce it? Ditto for method names in instance decls.

Allowing qualified names on the *lhs* of instance decls involves
two new productions (qfunlhs, etc) that I have only just nuked.  I
sent mail about that some while ago, to see if anyone really thought
we should keep it.

Then, for export lists, the argument becomes one of uniformity=20
(with instance decls) and simplicity.   It seems compelling enough to

Thanks for your wording suggestions.