Haskell 98 Revised

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki@cse.ogi.edu
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 10:40:55 -0800


it seems that if the qualified names in instance declarations are removed,
the qualified methods (data constructors) in exports ought to be removed as 
well.  example: currently in Haskell one may write

module M ( P.C(Q.f) ) where
import qualified P
import qualified Q
qualifying the method (or data cosntructor) does not  give any additional 
information.  however if i read the current report correctly (and i don't 
think it is quite clear on that)  omitting the qualifier of "f" results in an 
invalid program as there is no method "f" in scope (there probably are "P.f" 
and "Q.f"however).   having said that, GHC accepts the program without the 
qualifier,so it seems that it essentailly ignores the qualifiers of 
"subordinate" names in export lists.  so why not adjust the report so that 
such qualified names are just not allowed?