More feedback on Haskell 98 modules from the Programatica Team

Ketil Malde
08 Aug 2001 08:56:54 +0200

"Simon Peyton-Jones" <> writes:

> I propose that hiding something that isn't exported should be 
> considered an error.  It's not actually harmful but it is misleading.

Or at least a warning?  I don't know, but there may be reasons to do
it, say the imported module is under development, and will eventually
include that name.

> |    Program 2:  module A(module B, ...) where
> |    ~~~~~~~~~~   import qualified B
> |                 ... code that doesn't import B ...


> I don't think it should matter whether B is imported qualified or not; I
> propose to remove the *unqualified* adjective in the above quote.

...but only allow qualified access to B by importers of A, right?
        import A
        B.b -- okay
        b   -- not okay

> The export list specifies what is exported, and can include qualified
> names:
> 	module A( B.f ) where
> 	import qualified B

But here, f will be avalable to importers of A, unqalified, no?  GHC
seems to do it this way, and I think it's a reasonable choice:  If you
need to automatically provide the full functionality of another
module, you get it qualified (if you import it qualified); if you just
want to extend your module with functionality from another one, you
name each function.

*Shrug* No strong feelings one way or another.

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