PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook

Simon Peyton-Jones
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 02:47:39 -0700


[copied from the Caml mailing list; thanks to Pixel]

I came across the PLEAC project recently.  There's a Haskell section in
and it looks like something to which people on this list would be well
to contribute.

Olaf, John: worth a link from


The aim of the project is to rewrite Perl CookBook's code in other
programming languages, to:

- provide an easy resource for quick learning of some languages field
  (file IOs, string manipulation, etc)
- better see the differences and strengths of the languages
- provide a quick reference for language comparisons
- and, erhm, advocate the graphical layout of a good Emacs configuration

There is a web infrastructure enabling syntaxically colorized
sourcecode, and the Perl code has been imported from what's given for
free at oreilly (also, the copyright stuff has been addressed with

We would very much enjoy a OCaml version, which has not yet begun for
the moment.

As for now, the Merd version is around 30% complete ; the Ruby version
is around 25% complete ; the Haskell and Python versions are around 10%
complete ; and embryonic Nasm and Masd versions are also available.

[...caml stuff...]

You may subscribe to the ML if interested (see the web for details).

cu Pixel.