GHC on MacOS X

Atze Dijkstra
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:48:16 +0200

At 11:04 +0200 19/04/2001, Sebastien Carlier wrote:
>Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>>  I don't suppose Atze Dykstra or anyone else has done any more work on GHC
>>  for MacOS X? Currently the 4.08.1 bootstrapping binaries don't work
>>  properly under the final MacOS X -- I had to rerun ranlib on all the
>>  libraries, and when I tried to compile a 'Hello World' Haskell program I
>>  got unresolvable references (look like trivial arithmetic functions) in
>  > the link phase, apparently coming from 'libHSrts.a'.

I have fixed this. On ghc (still version 
4.08.1) can be downloaded (or download directly via, in working 
condition again, as an installable package. This is still a 
bootstrapping version as I have had not much time yet to continue 
porting, but works fine otherwise. I hope to have more time available 
at the end of May.

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