A Hugs bytecode interpreter

Tore Lund tl001@online.no
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 15:15:22 +0200

Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> > There is nhc98, of course, but it is somewhat bulky for the purposes I
> > have in mind.  I am looking for something small that would compile to
> > 16-bit code that would run in 64K code + 64K data.
> It's a shame that nhc98 doesn't fit your requirements, since it is
> specifically designed for creating small-memory-footprint programs.
> But as far as I know, Hugs is the only Haskell system that can produce
> 16-bit code.

Thanks for your info.  Do you know roughly how small nhc98 can get? 
Even if a 16-bit system is impossible, having a small 32-bit Haskell
could be of interest in other connections.

And is it absolutely impossible to make a 16-bit nch98?  After all, the
compiler could remain 32-bit - it's just the bytecode interpreter that
would have to be 16-bit.  A rudimentary system might suffice as long as
there is a good FFI.

And a somewhat unrelated question: is nhc98 going to have native code
generation in the foreseeable future?