A Hugs bytecode interpreter

Tore Lund tl001@online.no
Sun, 01 Apr 2001 16:46:28 +0200

Hugs is a neat system, but the very idea of compiling from source code
each time you run a program makes Hugs unsuited for many purposes.  So
my question is, has anyone tried to rearrange the components of Hugs
into a bytecode compiler plus runtime?  And if not, maybe the Hugs
maintainers had a word of advice on how to go about this?

There is nch98, of course, but it is somewhat bulky for the purposes I
have in mind.  I am looking for something small that would compile to
16-bit code that would run in 64K code + 64K data.  The raw material for
such a system is probably present in Hugs, but what's the best way to
extract it with a minimum of fuss?

Grateful for any hint.