Release 2: Mondrian and Haskell for .NET

Nigel Perry
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:51:40 +0100

We have just released a new version of Mondrian, a new functional 
language for OO environments. This version is a prototype which 
targets Microsoft's new .NET platform. Mondrian is a non-strict 
functional language with threads, exceptions and interlanguage 
working - think of it as Haskell "light" with extras.

Also released is our prototype of Haskell for .NET. This is a 
modified version of GHC which outputs an internal language which is 
read and compiled by the Mondrian for .NET compiler. This is the full 
GHC compiler but not all the Prelude is there.

The following are the major changes between Release 1 and Release 2:

* The Mondrian language is now better documented.

* The standard packages have had a number of functions added to them 
and are now documented.

* The Haskell compiler is now designed to install over a GHC installation.

* Much more of the Haskell Prelude is supported. You now get all the 
standard high-level I/O operations, including file I/O. Haskell 
exceptions are also supported. Any .NET exception thrown by code 
called from Haskell appears to Haskell as an IOError.

* There is some documentation describing interlanguage calling, both 
Mondrian <=> Haskell and Haskell & Mondrian <=> .NET languages

Both compilers, sample programs, etc. are available now from:


You will need Windows 2000 and .NET to use this software.

Have fun and feedback is welcome.

	Nigel for the Mondrian Team

Nigel Perry, New Zealand/Utrecht, The Netherlands