Parser Combinators in C

Koen Claessen
Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:03:02 +0100 (MET)

Hi all,

A while ago, I worked on a project where I was forced to
write code in C. (Yuck!)

One of the things that I wrote was a parser. I hate using
yacc, so, in order to have some fun on my project, I decided
to develop a parser combinator library in C! This would be a
parser combinator library inspired by the monadic library
described in Meijer's and Hutton's paper.

Since then, I completely reimplemented the library, cleaning
up the interface and adding new features to it.

I started writing a little bit about it. A first draft can
be found on:

I thought it could be fun for Haskell programmers to see
this. (One of the problems with this webpage is that I do
not really know for who I am writing it...)

So if you have any comments or suggestions, please tell me!


PS. This is not a joke. Some people have looked at my code
and thought nobody would ever be able to write code like
that! Well, I wrote and used this code for real! :-) I guess
we functional programmers are (considered to be) weird
sometimes :-) :-) Or maybe it is just me...

Koen Claessen     
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