CFP: "Information Stucture, Discourse Structure and Discourse Semantics" -Workshop at ESSLLI 2001

Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 12:58:11 -0000

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%%                             CALL FOR PAPERS
%%                           ESSLLI Workshop on
% Information Stucture, Discourse Structure and Discourse Semantics %
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%%                              August 20-24, 2001
%%                               Helsinki,  Finland
%% The workshop is endorsed by SIGSEM:  %%
%%          ESSLLI:


This workshop aims to provide a forum for recent research on interactions
between information structure (as a component of sentence-level semantics),
discourse structure and discourse-level semantics.

Both Information Structure (IS) and Discourse Structure (DS) are construed
broadly here:

-- IS, as comprising structural and semantic properties of utterances
relating to the discourse status of their content, the actual and attributed
attentional states of the discourse participants, and the participants'
prior and changing attitudes.

-- DS, as covering all aspects of the internal organizational structure of a
discourse, an essential aspect being the use of explicit and implicit
devices signifying links between clause and sentences.

Understanding IS in light of DS and vice versa is not only justified on
theoreticalgrounds: Experience with applications such as translating
telephony and interactive query-answering makes it clear that a theory
relating IS and DS is essential for accurate Natural Language Processing.

The workshop aims to attract researchers in computational and theoretical
linguistics and logic who are investigating IS-sensitive discourse
processing and to facilitate contact, exchange of ideas and cooperation
between them. We hope that the participants will
transcend the difficulties caused by proliferating terminologies, and
concentrate instead on investigating the interactions between IS and DS,
with the goal of understanding how sentence-level semantic devices that make
up IS symbiotically serve the needs of discourse cohesion and coherence. We
seek contributions advancing beyond descriptive frameworks towards an
explanatory account of  how IS and DS, in whatever framework, interact to
refer to and update a dynamically evolving representation of discourse
context. The submitted papers will be refereed by the PC.

See  for more details.


Full papers addressing the above issues are solicited, not exceeding 5000
words including references. Each paper must contain a 5-10 lines abstract. A
postscript or pdf version of the paper should be submitted (zipped) by
e-mail to

by the submission deadline given below. In an accompanying email message,
please provide the following information:

Paper title:
Contact author:
5-10 lines abstract:

We strongly encourage the use of LaTeX. The workshop proceedings will be
prepared using LaTeX and authors will be required to provide the final
versions of their papers in LaTeX.


	March 30  	Submission deadline
	April 30 	Notifications of acceptance/rejection to authors
	May 20		Final version of papers in LaTeX for the proceedings due
	August 20-24	Workshop dates

Note that all workshop participants must register as particpants of ESSLLI.
The early registration fees apply to authors of accepted papers.


Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova (organizer, co-chair)
Mark Steedman (organizer, co-chair)
John Bateman
Daniel Buering
Elisabet Engdahl
Bart Geurts
David Traum
Maria Vilkuna
Bonnie Webber

We are looking forward to your submissions :-)

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