Jan de Wit Jan de Wit" <
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 00:01:06 +0100

Hi All,

> Can anyone point me toward some reasearch that implements a translator
> from Prolog to Haskell?

I happen to have a printed copy of 'Relating Logic Programming to Functional
Programming' an M.Sc (or possibly Ph.D) thesis by Mark J. Wielaard, in which
a working translator from Mercury to Haskell is described. Examples in the
thesis include the different modes of append, quicksort etc. Whether 'real
world' apps with I/O work remains to be seen however...

I have no idea whether the source is available. Half an hour of web
searching turned up nothing - not even an email address - but maybe somebody
could mail his supervisor, prof. Krzysztof Apt at (his login name is

Hope this helps,

Jan de Wit