The world's smartest i/o device for Haskell

Jan Skibinski
Tue, 7 Nov 2000 12:03:03 -0500 (EST)

	Since I have noticed some moderate interest in this subject:
	several hundred visitors to the main page - some recurring,
	several dozens peeks at the module (some recurring
	again) and several encouraging private messages - including
	some from the pillars of this congregation (only one public
	message from Hannah though), I am posting this message as
	my final addendum:

	I had hesitated whether or not post my original message
	to this forum. But thanks to the encouraging messages
	(and they really count when one is not sure how stupid
	or not the subject is) I will be occasionaly doing some
	further work on some interfaces to Squeak. But I will
	not be bothering this list with any related announcements.
	If you are interested - check the pages from time to time: (linked from the above

	But since I am still standing on the soapbox:
	In meantime, the first page has been decorated by
	a simple GUI example, a Hugs observer. The file has
	been also significantly upgraded to include several safety
	measures and multithreading support in order to be able to
	interrupt lengthy or non-terminating Hugs computations.