proposal for trailing comma and semicolon

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Fri May 17 18:32:16 CEST 2013

On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 9:17 AM, Garrett Mitchener <
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> Anyway, this is a "paper cut" in the language that has been bugging me for
> a while, and since there's now a call for suggestions for Haskell 2014, I
> thought I'd ask about it.

I've also thought about this issue and I agree with Garrett, allowing that
trailing comma (or semicolon) would help readability*. If it doesn't work
with tuples, perhaps we could at least do it with lists and records?

* It also hurts source control diffs a bit, as adding extra commas will
give diffs that suggest that one additional line was changed.

-- Johan
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