TypeFamilies vs. FunctionalDependencies & type-level recursion

AntC anthony_clayden at clear.net.nz
Wed May 23 01:47:31 CEST 2012

AntC <anthony_clayden at ...> writes:

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> The headline news is that I have implemented hDeleteMany in Hugs.

Yikes! I'd better post the code. This assumes all the usual HList 
infrastructure, especially class/method TypeCast as defined in-line per  

Works on Hugs version Sep 2006 -- yes! it's been hiding in plain view all 
these years.

{- hDeleteMany does a type-indexed scan through an HList,
        removing all elements type `e`, even if they occur many times.
        Takes the standard HList idiom of 3 instances:
        - end of HList -- contains only HNil
        - HList's head contains the element of interest (HCons e l'')
        - HList's head not interesting, pass on (HCons e' l'')
        The 'interesting' instance overlaps the 'not interesting'.

    class HDeleteMany e l l'		where		-- no fundep
        hDeleteMany	:: e -> l -> l'

    instance (TypeCast HNil l') => HDeleteMany e HNil l'	where
        hDeleteMany e HNil	= typeCast HNil
                           	-- must typeCast the result

    instance (HDeleteMany e l'' l') => HDeleteMany e (HCons e l'') l'  where
        hDeleteMany e (HCons _ l'')	= hDeleteMany e l''

    instance (HDeleteMany e l'' l''', TypeCast (HCons e' l''') l')
         => HDeleteMany e (HCons e' l'') l'                where
            hDeleteMany e (HCons e' l'')	= typeCast (HCons e' (hDeleteMany e 
-- tests:
    somelist	= HCons True $ HCons 'H' $ HCons "HList" $ HCons (5 :: Int) 
    somemanylist	= HCons "hello" $ HCons False somelist

    unmanylist	= hDeleteMany "bye" (hDeleteMany (undefined :: Bool) 
somemanylist )
-- unmanylist ===> HCons 'H' (HCons 5 HNil)


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