String != [Char]

ARJANEN Loïc Jean David arjanen.loic at
Fri Mar 23 14:13:24 CET 2012

2012/3/22 Greg Weber <greg at>:
> I am not trying to win an argument with anyone. Just trying to do what
> is best for the community. Many others here have a better grasp of the
> issue than me and can help answer questions and come up with a
> solution.
> I am also not saying this proposal is done. A lot of thought and work
> is needed to ensure it can be implemented as smoothly as possible. It
> does seem though that everyone thinks it is a good proposal.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but when you said that someone should
take this proposal up and help make sure it gets in the next batch, I
believed you thought we could take this proposal as is. Deeply sorry
for my error.
But now we have at least two tasks to do before we can put up the
proposal: define what operations should be supported by String and
should we apply this proposal in the next batch. Given that this
proposal will break many codebases (we shouldn't hope to apply all of
list's syntax to this string type) should we apply it alone or wait
until we have more other codebase-breakers to apply ?

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