Announce: ~Haskell 2011

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Sat Jan 8 10:32:12 CET 2011

On 7 Jan 2011, at 22:25, Ian Lynagh wrote:

> Have you considered deciding about individual proposals as and when  
> they
> are completed, rather than making a decision about all proposals each
> September? This could also avoid merge-conflicts between the report
> deltas for proposals that touch the same bit of the report.

I can see advantages and disadvantages of both approaches -  
incremental decisions vs a single time-limited big decision.  I think  
it all depends on the engagement of the community.  If there is clear  
consensus from the community on a particular proposal, I can imagine  
the committee incrementally accepting it.  If consensus is not clear,  
I think a decision is likely to be deferred until voting-time.


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