Proposal: Define UTF-8 to be the encoding of Haskell source files

Tillmann Rendel rendel at
Thu Apr 7 11:47:45 CEST 2011


Jason Reich wrote:
> Tillmann Rendel wrote:
>> How would that affect the non-code parts of literate Haskell (*.lhs)
>> files? In particular, would it place any burden on third-party tools
>> processing these files?
> lhs2TeX already has limited support for UTF-8 for the rendering of
> Literate Agda files.

My point is that literate Haskell programs are not just Haskell files, 
but also, for example, markdown or latex files, or even database entries 
representing a wiki page or a blog entry. Such programs are therefore 
processed by third-party tools outside of the Haskell eco-system, and it 
seems unrealistic that the Haskell report could unilateraly mandate how 
they are encoded.

I think the Haskell report should not discourage Haskell implementations 
from being flexible about encoding.


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