Add haskell-src as an official machine-readable component of the Haskell standard

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Tue Nov 16 04:13:35 EST 2010

I propose that the haskell-src package be renamed
haskell20nn-src for each revision Haskell 20nn of
the standard, and be made an official machine-readable
component of the standard.

This has the following advantages:

1. It would require almost no extra work, because
haskell-src already exists, and syntax changes, if
any, will be very minimal for each revision.

2. For the portion of the standard that it covers,
any ambiguity that might creep into the human-readable
standard document would be resolved.

3. It would serve as a basic machine-verification tool
which is easily extensible.

4. As a side-effect, the haskell-src package would be
continually maintained. The package is useful in its
own right as a much lighter-weight version of haskell-src-exts.
It is much easier to use when an application does
not require full support of all of Haskell's syntax.

This proposal is a natural extension of a proposal
raised on the libraries mailing list in the context of
the Haskell Platform: Ian Lynagh proposed that the
current haskell-src-exts be renamed haskell-src
(and included in the Haskell Platform, as suggested
by Sterling Clover), and that the current haskell-src
be renamed to haskell98-src (and removed from the

The libraries subthread is here:


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