Haskell 2010 draft report

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 12:05:17 EDT 2010

I've completed most of the edits to the Haskell 98 report for Haskell 
2010, modulo the changes to the libraries that we still have to resolve.

I cleaned up various other things I discovered along the way, and tidied 
up the typesetting.  I've also made a much nicer HTML rendering of the 
report using TeX4ht, which means we can ditch the old 1500 lines of 
hacked up Haskell code which used to do the HTML conversion before.

You can see the draft report here, in PDF and online HTML respectively:


In the PDF you'll notice that the bits that changed in Haskell 2010 
relative to Haskell 98 are purple (except for the FFI chapter). 
Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to make this work in the HTML 
version, but it ought to be possible.

I'd appreciate a few more eyes over this, in particular look out for 
messed up typesetting as there could still be a few bugs lurking.

The source repo (darcs) is here:



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