On the Meaning of Haskell 6

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Mon Nov 30 05:59:56 EST 2009

This kind of discussion would be more appropriate on the haskell-cafe 
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On 30/11/2009 08:46, John D. Earle wrote:
> I have used the expression Forefathers of Haskell before. Someone
> earlier wrote "Haskell will die with the two Simons." Cruel words that
> perhaps were not meant to be cruel per se, just a perceived fact. Making
> the ancient sign with my hand that signifies my authority as a teacher
> my response is as follows: One must master logic, but not be its slave.
> In so many ways it is true, from dust to dust; but any earnest entreaty
> upon this hallowed ground would involve a token of respect such as this.
> We are fortunate that we have him. Let us not be neglectful for what we
> have while we still have it!
> In retrospect poor Simon may have said to himself, "What! I'm not dead
> and buried yet! What is this man saying! I'm not that old!" Perhaps I
> have caused him to chuckle privately. I would prefer the later.
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