Haskell 2010: libraries

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Sat Jul 11 16:03:02 EDT 2009

Ross Paterson wrote:

> The FFI spec refers to types Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64, Word8, Word16,
> Word32, Word64, Ptr a, FunPtr a and StablePtr a.  Perhaps they should move
> to the Prelude when the non-library part of the FFI spec is incorporated
> into the Report?
> The Prelude specification imports Char, Numeric and Ratio.  It also uses
> (but does not import) IO(BufferMode(..), hSetBuffering, stdio, stdout).
> The Numeric specification imports Array, but only uses it for an
> optimization of 2^n.

The Prelude seems to do double duty:

* stuff needed to support the language definition, etc.

* useful stuff you'll probably want to import

Is it worth separating these?

Ashley Yakeley

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