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Hello Simon,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 6:04:46 PM, you wrote:

i can't understand. does this list supposed to be full list of changes
in haskell'? it seems to include mainly supplementary syntax changes
while even Rank2Types are not here, the same for assoc. types, GADTs
and other fundamental type system improvements

and btw - from my user's POV, we can just start with common GHC & Hugs
subset, remove a few features, add a few GHC-specific features and
will become close to what should be named next Haskell standard,
standard de-facto of Haskell used in last years. why so much time spent
on this process..

> ForeignFunctionInterface
> LineCommentSyntax
> PatternGuards
> DoAndIfThenElse
> Remove n+k patterns
> RelaxedDependencyAnalysis
> EmptyDataDeclarations
> HierarchicalModules
> NonDecreasingIndentation
> remove FixityResolution from the context-free grammar
> change the syntax of QualifiedOperators

> In the coming weeks we'll be refining proposals in preparation for 
> Haskell 2010.  By all means suggest more possibilities; however note 
> that as per the new process, a proposal must be "complete" (i.e. in the
> form of an addendum) in order to be a candidate for acceptance.

> I have updated the status page


> marking everything except the proposals that have been already 
> implemented in the draft Report as "old".  The new process requires a 
> proposal to have an owner or owners in order to make progress; once a 
> proposal has an owner it will move into the "under discussion" state. To
> take up ownership of an existing proposal, or to start a new proposal,
> ask on the mailing list.  There are other ways you can get involved; 
> some suggestions are on the Haskell' main page:


> (hmm, I suppose we should fix that logo too...)

> Cheers,
>         Simon
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