Outlaw tabs

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 03:57:17 EST 2009

Looks like some people still like tabs.

I personally do not mind them in my source code if the leading isSpace 
characters on lines are everywhere of the same kind in one source file. 
If all indentations would be done only with tabs then one can easily 
change the indent size for whole file. If monitor is big enough a bigger 
indent size is nicer (easier to see what is indented together). If 
monitor is smaller then smaller indent size is better (lines will not 
wrap so early).

If somebody uses proportional fonts then he would like to have tabs 
available since there would be too much spaces to achieve any reasonable 
indenting. I can imagine writing in a proportional font myself since I'm 
indenting only the starts of lines and I'm not indenting anything after 
the first non-isSpace character. Any indenting after the first 
non-isSpace character is a pain since it makes small localized changes 
to look like big changes in diffs and vcs systems and it requires an 
effort to maintain it.

That said, I use non-proportional font and ban tabs in text editor, 
simply because editor setups for banning tabs are readily available. But 
I would probably use only tabs (but probably not proportional font) if 
such editor setups would be ready. The difference is not enough for me 
to configure editor myself either way.

What I want to say is that tabs are not bad, mixing tabs and spaces is 
bad. And this mixing should be banned if you care about this at all when 
-fwarn-tabs is available.

I would not mind banning tabs as an acceptable solution too.

Heh, too much keystrokes for the smallest problem of Haskell' :)


Achim Schneider wrote:
> I guess everyone knows why

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