Suggestion: Syntactic sugar for Maps!

Don Stewart dons at
Thu Nov 27 14:03:41 EST 2008

> I suggest Haskell introduce some syntactic sugar for Maps.
> Python uses {"this": 2, "is": 1, "a": 1, "Map": 1}
> Clojure also use braces: {:k1 1 :k2 3} where whitespace is comma but
> commas are also allowed.
> I find the import Data.Map and then fromList [("hello",1), ("there",
> 2)] or the other form that I forgot(because it is to long!) to be to
> long...
> So why not {"hello": 1, "there": 2} ?

Well, one problem is that we don't have a definitive Map library. Which
kind of Map would you like? IntMap/Map/AVLTree? Some other tree?

That said, you could certainly write a little
preprocessor/quasiquoting/template haskell for dictionary literals.

-- Don

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