How to get the code

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Thu Mar 27 18:11:44 EDT 2008

Keren Dong wrote:

> I've just downloaded the code using darcs, but there is no actual code 
> of prime. And when I looked into the directory, there is a script named 
> whose content is:
> darcs pull
> but when I tried this script, it said:
> darcs failed:  Not a repository: 
> (Failed to download URL 
> : HTTP 
> error (404?))
> So could anybody tell me what's wrong with the repository and how to get 
> the code of prime?

If you're looking for the report, it's here:

the commits you're seeing are from this repository:

which is used to track the status of Haskell' proposals.


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