Composition again

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Mon Apr 28 16:00:52 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 10:39:09AM -0700, Simon Marlow wrote:
> Ok, I'm going to try to make some progress on this.  I think it's fair 
> to say that the only possible options are (0) do nothing, or (2) require 
> spaces around "." as an operator.

If we are considering requiring spaces around "." then I think it would
make sense to also consider requiring spaces around
* "-" (so we can make "-2" and "map (- 3) xs" both do what you expect)
* "!" (meaning that "f !x" isn't valid but differently parsed for
       patterns and expressions - assuming we plan to accept

I don't think it makes sense to make a special case for requiring spaces
around "$", as TH won't be in H'.


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