inits is too strict

apfelmus apfelmus at
Thu Jun 14 14:04:40 EDT 2007

> apfelmus:
>> Where can I report a bug report for the report? ;)

Stefan O'Rear wrote:
> says:
> The report still has minor bugs. There are tracked at the Haskell 98
> bugs page. Report any new bugs to Malcolm Wallace.

Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
> Well, right here. There are other strictness issues either differing
> from the spec, or not clearly defined (foldl', for example). 

Ah. Actually, I thought that there's something like a bug-tracker for
the standardized libraries. I wouldn't change inits in the existing H98
standard, it's not really worth the hassle. But I'd change it to the
lazy version for Haskell'.

> A useful tool for checking these is the StrictCheck/ChasingBottoms
> library, QuickCheck for partial values, by the way.

Oh, really useful :)


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