help from the community?

isaac jones ijones at
Thu Jan 25 17:39:01 EST 2007

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 14:25 -0800, Iavor Diatchki wrote:
> Hello,
> I have written some notes about changes to Haskell 98 that are
> required to add the "polymorphic components" extension.   The purpose
> of the notes is to enumerate all the details that need to be specified
> in the Haskell report.  I don't have access to the haskell-prime wiki
> so I attached the notes to the ticke for polymorphic components:
> When there are different ways to do things I have tried to enumerate
> the alternatives and the PROPOSAL paragraph marks the choice that I
> favor.

Does anyone have any feedback on this work?  The critical path for
Haskell', at this point, is writing these bits of the report and having
them validated by the community.

But no one has read and commented on these topics:
- Plans for changes to the report relating to Polymorphic Components
- Draft changes to the report for pattern guards

I understand that taking the time to pour over the report is a bit hard,
but we desperately need people who are willing to do so if we're going
to make progress.

I think Iavor and I will start to make these changes tomorrow; does
anyone have feedback before then?



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