self moderation (or, what is Haskell' about)

isaac jones ijones at
Sat Feb 3 13:56:45 EST 2007


We all love to talk about fun and exciting new things, and I really
don't like to "change the subject", as it were, of a mailing list
conversation unless it's very necessary.

This list is unmoderated, and will stay unmoderated.  Anyone can post
whatever they want, and it's up to the community of the list to decide
what's appropriate and what's off topic.  If you see stuff that you
think is off topic, please invite that discussion to move over to
haskell-cafe or what-have-you.  If you start a discussion about
something core to Haskell', especially the "definitely in" topics, and
the conversation wanders into strange and unknown territory, please,
please re-focus your thread to get back to the important topics.  Start
a new thread if necessary with a summary of the discussion so far and
the open questions.

We've had a lot of people unsubscribing from the list in the last few
days, for what it's worth.

People get a mistaken impression about "What Haskell' is about" based on
the discussions of the list, and sometimes it scares people :)  So just
be aware that the unmoderated list is _not_ a good way to get a sense of
what's going on in Haskell'.  Watch for announcements from the committee
and requests for help from me and others for actually writing the
report.  Also, keep an eye on the status page of the wiki:



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