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Dear Committee

If I recall correctly, in the tex-style literate haskell specification, code
is delimited by a


This does not allow for multilanguage support in a single source file.  It
would be nice to have a single document in which we could mix English,
Haskell, and, for example, Coq proofs.

To this end, would it make more sense to delimit haskell code by





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> Subject: Literate Haskell specification
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> As I brought up earlier in Haskell-cafe
> , the Haskell98 specification for literate haskell (report section 9.4)
> could use some work, at least clarifications (existing haskell
> implementations differ in some ways) - see that thread for details.
> Since I haven't successfully gotten to writing a concrete revision of
> that section, I thought I'd at least bring the issue to the attention of
> specifically haskell-prime people, as it is an issue that "should
> definitely" be addressed in the Report.  Hopefully there's someone
> around here who might tackle it :)
> Good luck,
> Isaac
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