Here-docs in Haskell source

Ian Zimmerman itz at
Fri Sep 22 12:39:34 EDT 2006

Alistair> Apologies if this has been covered already... I've searched
Alistair> the haskell-prime list archive and not found anything on this.

Alistair> I'd like to submit a request for a fairly trivial feature:
Alistair> multi-line text literals in source, AKA here-docs. You know,
Alistair> like the ruby/perl/bash <<EOD...EOD, or python's
Alistair> triple-quotes, or C#'s @"...".

John> This would be a wonderful thing to see.  The current system is
John> terribly annoying in this regard.

The obvious disadvantage is that it becomes easier to create runaway

If you do this at all, reuse the regular quotes, don't invent yet
another weird and wonderful lexical syntax.  Haskell is already bad
enough that way, with \ used for lambda and so on.  @" would be okay I

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