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isaac jones ijones at galois.com
Sun Sep 10 15:14:50 EDT 2006


There are just a few days to go before the Haskell Workshop, and I'd
like to be able to present the community with a report on our progress.
With that in mind, I'm looking for some help during this busy time of

The Haskell' committee has been voting on the wiki about the relative
strength of various proposals.  We're trying to find a group of
proposals that is "definitely in" so that we can start the hard work of
writing the report.  Here's the survey:


The idea is that we want to make some tangible progress on actually
writing the report, so we have selected some pretty non-controversial
proposals.  This is also to get a better idea of where there is and is
not consensus.

Below is the list of so-called "definitely-in" proposals, which is
probably not quite correct.  For instance, I don't think it's clear that
MPTCs are definitely in, but the others look pretty good.

Beside the proposal name is the group of committee members who have
volunteered to write sections for so-called "definitely in" features.

I have several requests for volunteers, which can be within or not
within the committee:

Would anyone else like to volunteer to write a section of the report for
specific proposals below?

Can anyone volunteer to do a survey of the current status of each of
these proposals?  We should try to figure out how far from done we are
on all of them.  I imagine that some things like concurrency are far
from done, while other things like hierarchical modules and empty data
declarations are pretty much done.

Will anyone volunteer to write a status report for the community, with
the goal of finishing the status report by the time of Haskell Workshop.
This obviously isn't something fancy, just a summary of the items
discussed, the current status on them, etc.  This should all be on the
list archives and on the wiki.  A committee member is probably best
suited for this, but anyone following the process closely should be able
to do it :)

Also, everyone should please think about this list as a whole; apply
your right brain to consider whether it's a coherent and elegant set of

> In
> ==
> #74: add some kind of concurrency: SM, HN, IJ
> #35: add ForeignFunctionInterface: MC, SM
> #49: add multi parameter type classes: MS
> #60: add RankNTypes or Rank2Types: AL
> #57: add polymorphic components: AL
> #26: add ExistentialQuantification (existential components): AL, MS, SJT
> #24: add HierarchicalModules: BH, IJ
> #25: add EmptyDataDeclarations: BH, HN
> #23: fix common pitfall with the do-notation and if-then-else: SM, HN, 
> #42: fix comment syntax grammar: SM
> #56: add Pattern Guards: :(
> #78: Add infix type constructors: BH, AL
> Help w/ libraries (yay!): IJ, BH, SM, RP, DS



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