Indentation of If-Then-Else

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Sun Oct 22 10:34:30 EDT 2006

> > It seems better to change the language so it works like _everyone_
> > expects it does, rather than become syntax dictators. It's hard enough
> > persuading people to move from C, but when you tell someone that their
> > perfectly unambiguous sytnax is "wrong", they aren't going to be
> > amused.
> I don't know why it is so important to convince every C programmers of
> Haskell. Making a language fit to everyone's taste eventually led to what
> is today known as Perl.

Ok, a more personal argument. I hate that this language won't allow
_me_ to lay out _my_ if's as _I_ want them! Especially as the rest of
Haskell lets the programmer choose the best layout, and just keeps
hands off. I can be convinced through logical arguments that all the
other restrictions/features of Haskell are a good idea, but this one
doesn't have a good reason associated with it.



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