Here-docs in Haskell source

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Oct 19 07:27:26 EDT 2006

haskell-prime-bounces at wrote:
> I would also like to see these. I like the python syntax
> """
> stuff...
> """
> but really most anything will do.
> the triple quote doesn't eat any usable syntax though and
> won't require
> any special cases in the parser so I would much prefer something like
> that. 

Would someone like to make a ticket/wiki page for HereDocuments?

I suggest that here documents could supplant string gaps, which are a
pain both for the compiler and the user and interact badly with CPP.  In
fact, I suggest removing string gaps anyway, since 


is just as good as


GHC optimises the first to the second anyway.  I find myself using
explicit ++ rather than string gaps these days, ever since the problems
with recent versions of GNU CPP and string gaps arose (yes I know cpphs
works with string gaps).


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